Directors’ Choice

Certain customers require special consideration. This is especially true in the case of families suffering the loss of a loved one. Our funeral home answering services are dedicated to providing comfort and reliability, no matter the time of day. The calls you miss overnight are queued for your arrival, prioritizing the most pressing messages to ensure a timely, caring response. Best of all, you are in control of our messaging and can make changes to your preferences at any time, ensuring consistently up-to-date information and quality service.


  • Exclusive funeral home answering services and message delivery
  • Live answer
  • Customized messaging
  • Web chat feature
  • Online portal and telephone monitoring
  • Mobile application
  • Overnight message prioritization
  • Live transfer
  • Calls answered in three rings or less
  • Quick dispatch, within 15 minutes or less

Our Commitment

With cutting-edge technology, professionally trained staff and over 18 years of experience exclusive to the funeral profession, we take care of your families just as you would – with compassion, knowledge and reassurance. Plus, we are the only company in the industry that guarantees their services.

We provide a live, dependable voice every time the phone rings, so you will never miss a call again. This service not only safeguards you against competitive shopping, but it also helps drive your business to be more profitable.

Our Customer Service Representatives

Our award-winning, passionate agents are trained extensively – including spending time in a funeral home – to serve only the funeral home profession. We understand the importance of every call, and treat your customers with the respect and empathy they deserve. When a family calls, we provide them with appropriate attention, answering their questions and ensure the call is promptly relayed to you.

Over the years I have taken training at a funeral home, done services and visitations, and gone on removals. I have taken first aid training in the past as well as some other courses. The best training I have had was learning from others at this company.

Heidi B.,
Customer Experience Agent,
celebrating 13 years with Stericycle


Our DC to Go mobile app accommodates even the busiest funeral directors’ schedule by putting the information you need at your fingertips. From your computer to your cell phone, communications are within reach. Our web chat feature ensures you to reach potential customers online.

Communications Solutions - Call Centre

Account Management

Supervisors work closely with our clients to ensure we always live up to our guarantee of live answer all the time, dispatch within 15 minutes and call answered in three rings or less. We are always available to our directors for questions and concerns.

Communication Solutions - Funeral Portal

Certifications and Security

SOC II certification PIPEDA