With nearly 30 years of experience supporting donor transactions and relationships for more than 70 of Canada’s leading nonprofit organizations, we’ve built a recognized, reputable, and effective response centre for fundraising and direct response programs that deliver on your organization’s mission and goals.


  • Lottery management
  • Web chat and email management
  • Direct response programs
  • Gift catalogue and order taking
  • Disaster appeals and event fundraising
  • After-hours customer service support
  • Loyalty and retention programs
  • Sponsor and donor acquisition

Our Customer Service Representatives

With multilingual agents trained on your organization, we are able to act as an extension of your brand, providing a seamless donor experience. Our agents are highly trained on fundraising and customer service, and understand the importance of achieving low cost per acquisition. This is why we always aim for conversion on the first call, while maintaining a pleasant gifting experience for your donors.

I believe we are ALL experts in what we do and we are lucky to also enjoy it.

Sharon B.,
Team Lead,
celebrating 6 years with Stericycle


Our web-enabled technology can be customized to meet your unique call-handling needs. Templates are available for basic designs. We also service your data needs. Interactive voice response (IVR) and call back features are available.

Call Centre Reporting Details

Account Management

Account managers are experienced in designing and supporting custom inbound and outbound fundraising programs and are qualified to coordinate with vendors on your behalf. We ensure we’re ready for your peak times to meet your media campaign goals.

Daily Call Details - Telephone Answering Service Provider

Certifications and Security

SOC II certification PIPEDA