By integrating with SCADA systems, we’re able to monitor pumping stations, plants and equipment for municipalities and regions across Canada. When alerts come in to our call centres, they include details on the origin of the alarm, a map indicating the location of the issue and contact information for the technician. Our agents then contact the technician to provide pertinent information and ensure escalation protocols are followed and documented.


  • SCADA alarm integration
  • Pump identification
  • Alarm type identification
  • Escalation

Customer Service Representatives

Agents understand the urgency of SCADA alarms and the potentially monumental damage that can result if an alarm is not tended to immediately and appropriately. We take alarm management extremely seriously and empower our agents with the right tools and information to manage calls quickly and effectively.


SCADA integration technologies alert agents and pinpoint the exact location of alarm triggers, including where the alarm is in the series. Agents then ensure that the right person is notified and dispatched to the scene, and the incident is documented.

Call Centre Reporting Details

Account Management

Account managers understand the importance of SCADA alarms and the necessity for each to be responded to quickly and accuracy. We help you build the protocols needed to make sure your SCADA system is equipped with reliable monitoring 24/7/365.

Communication Solutions - Call Centre

Certifications and Security

SOC II certification PIPEDA