Provide your customers and employees with a helpful and friendly live answer, day and night. Working as an extension of your brand, we strive to reflect your values and partner with you to develop custom scripts and protocols, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Customer Service Representatives

We operate as an extension of your business. Our expertly trained team answers every call with a smile and handles each interaction with precision. We follow your personalized scripts and protocols to deliver a seamless experience any time, day or night.

75% of customers
believe it takes too long to reach a live telephone agent.
Harris Interactive

My favorite part of the job is my ability to help customers. When they express how grateful they are, I believe not only I, but the rest of the agents, feel like heroes behind our desks.

Corinne M.,
Customer Experience Agent,
celebrating 8 years with Stericycle


  • Exclusive toll-free and local numbers
  • Audio recording of all calls
  • Vanity numbers
  • Emergency response specialists
  • Local offices
  • Custom account design
  • Voicemail services
  • Interfacing with client website
  • Online message viewing and on-call management
  • Message dispatch options: email, fax, alpha page, telephone and text

Account Management

With your expert advice and personal preferences in mind, your account manager will ensure all calls are answered and escalated appropriately. Daily reporting and regular check-ins keep you up-to-date on account settings and provide the flexibility to make changes as necessary.

Call Centre Reporting Details

Certifications and Security

SOC II certification PIPEDA