Auditable IVR and live answering services track employee activity to help you manage absenteeism. We ensure that you have all the information you need for your records, while providing a convenient and reliable service to your employees.


  • Compliance for unionized employees
  • Vacation day tracking
  • Sick day tracking
  • Work schedule and holiday shift information hotlines
  • Employee ID tracking
  • Absentee incidence and reason tracking and reporting
  • Outbound employee notifications
  • Automated notifications via voice, email and text messages

Employee Support Representatives

Agents are available to document every call, day or night. By asking the right questions, we can determine if your employee is using a sick day or vacation day, complete the appropriate paperwork and ensure your employee absentee records are up-to-date and auditable.


Automated absenteeism solutions streamline the absentee process with unique toll-free phone numbers and IVR programs that utilize employee ID numbers. Automated options determine the type of time off and date of return, and document appropriately.

Daily Call Details - Telephone Answering Service Provider

Account Management and Reporting

Utilizing our unique combination of technology and live agent services, account managers work with you to design an absentee model that is both compliant and easy for your employees to use. Reporting is provided regularly.

Communication Solutions - Call Centre

Certifications and Security

SOC II certification PIPEDA