The safety of your work-alone and isolated team members is important. With Stericycle Communication Solutions, you can check in with these employees and ensure compliance with the regulations governing their work. Those who have to work alone due to a distant location or overnight coverage will always have access to a live agent. Plus, you can track their check-in frequency along with arrival and departure times. Should assistance be needed, we also act as an emergency hotline.


Our work-alone and journey management solutions offer compliance solutions, including off-site employee check-in, journey management and emergency response.  GPS spot devices, IVR solutions and live voice services track remote and isolated employees, including those in hazardous work environments such as heights, electricity, confined spaces, tanks, grain bins, elevators, culverts, hazardous substances and pressurized environments.

Our Customer Service Representatives

Our communication specialists are available to take, document and escalate employee check-in calls 24/7. Whether the call is an emergency, non-emergency or a part of a call escalation procedure, each call is thoroughly documented for your records and compliance.


GPS location devices are available for employees in areas without cellular service, allowing them to remotely check in. Each check-in is recorded and documented to ensure compliance with work-alone and remote employee governance.

Account Management and Reporting

Service level agreements (SLAs), detailed escalation plans and documentation help ensure regular delivery of compliant services. Account tracking and reporting include audits and call recordings.

Communication Solutions - Call Centre

Certifications and Security

SOC II certification PIPEDA