Our Services

Our expert call centre and telephone answering services are available to serve your most important asset’s needs – 24/7/365.

Our Team

Our experienced team members are expertly trained on each account, representing your brand as if it were their own. With agents and management with decades of experience, our seasoned, passionate team members deliver exceptional customer service, day in and day out.

  • Entirely Canadian based team
  • Neutral dialect reduces call times and improves customer satisfaction
  • Bilingual (French & English)
  • Continual product, technology and soft skills training
  • Low turnover

Our Customers

For almost 30 years we have been caring for customers of some of Canada’s leading businesses. From finance and insurance firms to property managers and large corporations, we expertly ensure companies optimize their customers’ experience and brand’s perception.

Communication solutions

Over the years I have taken training at a funeral home, done services and visitations and gone on removals

Heidi Ann Margaret Bell,
Customer Experience Agent,
13 years with the company

My priority is to use our tools to answer your requirements. Our tools are flexible enough that we can do pretty much anything.

Derek Brookes,
Account Development Specialist,
16 years with the company